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success with intel 815AVL & A-openMX4GVR


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I first installed the release 1 disk on the A-open MX4GVR board which has the intel 845GV chipset. the install went well the onboard lan adaptor was working but the no video support or audio support. I have a 2.4 ghz cpu with sse2. Everthing seems to work ok but with no screen accerlation iphoto is kinda of slow.


Well I went out and bought a intel D915AVL board and a P4 630 cpu.

What a differance :)

set up went really quick and everything works video card Lan and audio except audio in.

OGL works now as I have been running Modo 3D modler although the OGL is slow compared with my main XP workstation it is acceptable though.

Overall the system is really fast boots in about 16 seconds off a 80 gig Sata drive.

So far its really stable I have had no crashes and have been running itunes, Modo , photoshop CS and CS2, I will install Lightwave later on and see how it goes.


I really really like it so much more pleasent to work on than my XP box's.

IF we get the nvidia card acceration going I wil go and get a 6800 to get my OGL speed back up so I can do all my animation work on this machine. it's great cause I can reboot the machine into XP and then it gets added to my renderfarm for rendering animations so matter what this computer is really usefui.

I hope that apple release the OS only cause I wil buy it.

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