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Installation of Snow Leopard on a Toughbook CF-19


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Hi guys, I have come around a a strange problem installing SL on my Toughbook CF-19 MK1.

When I first tried installing iAtkos S3, it would only work with an external monitor (QE seemed to be enabled, as front row would display), Keyboard would function, trackpad would function during the installation but once in OS X, it would not work, no matter what kext I chose. I do consider myself new to hackintosh as I am stumped when it comes to things such as editing strings, but do know some bit (have been trying since 10.4). After many hours of research and reinstalling, I can now get it to boot to the GUI, but only in safe mode however the trackpad, keyboard and internal screen now work :unsure:. I know there is someone else who has managed to install it on a CF-19 and posted their video on youtube, however I believe it was a temp account, as I haven't been recieving any replies to my question after posting and PMing him via youtube.


I have posted a picture with the result of trying to do a regular boot. It shows me this error (sometimes says CPU 0, and sometimes CPU 1). Also, here is a list of my hardware and all.



trackpad + keyboard (not sure what make, as it never stated in Device manager)

touch screen with digitizer (wacom I believe)


3GB ram

1.06Ghz Centrino DUO


WWAN (Sierra MC8785)

Intel GMA 945


Dual booting with Windows 7

Netbook installed removed Chameleon and installed what I want to say is PC EFI


What works:

Boots (into safe mode [-x])






Touch screen (but uncalibrated)

Sound (with VoodooHDA.kext [thanks!])


Not Sure:


QE/QI (as I dont get it now, but it seemed to work before I got stuck in safe mode)


What I have tried:

Booting with 32 bit flag



compiling DSDT in Terminal

running kext utility


Booting still gives me a CPU "double panic"


If I can get this working properly, then I would be sure to post instructions on how to install it on the toughbook (many toughbook users would give it a try I am sure)


Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


Thank you in advance.



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