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What is the meaning of "log as root ..."


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I am very sorry by posting this silly question, but Im very new in this computer term and dont know where else can I ask.


I had the startup problem with booting the Kalyway 10.5.2 and post it in the forum.


Giorgio Multi help me with this:

boot with -s flag


at the prompt type:


mount -uw / <Enter>


passwd root <Enter>


type a password <Enter>


retype the password <Enter>


touch /var/db/ .AppleSetupDone <Enter>


reboot <Enter>


log as root with the password typed.



What is the meaning of the last line "log as root with the password typed" ?


Many thanks


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Meaning you have to use "root" as the name of the account and for the password, use the password you typed before.


It's very similar to the account gestion in Windows. root user is the admin if you want...



Thankyou Biker-flat,

I already done the Reboot step and the Mac OS startup as before, giving me no choice to enter the Username or Password. I went to AppleSupport and they said to enabling the root user I must go to Finder, choose menu Go, and choose Utilities. How can I do that if cannot pass the "Welcome" screen ?

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