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Just a quick question, assuming all other hardware works perfectly, what would the best PCI wifi card be for OS X. Ideally I would like it to show up like an airport device, even if it needs an extra kext. I currently have a P5W-DH Deluxe, but for some reason the wifi card is very temperamental on OS X, so really would like to buy another one.

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There's a good list of what will work on Low-End Mac




Generally speaking go for a Broadcom based card to get it running natively. Personally I would avoid anything Ralink RT2860 based as I've found them to be very temperamental on real Macs, but ymmv. None of the cards in that list are 802.11N capable, so if you need that you're looking at something like one of the Broadcom based mini-PCIe cards, a genuine Airport Extreme or a compatible USB device.

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