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[How to]Hackint0sh your Packard-Bell SB87 | Geforce 8600M GT


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Hi guys,


I'm really new to hackintosh and mac interface too, and I hard a pretty hard time to make my Geforce 8600M GT 512MB properly recognized with QE/CI. I've found numerous tutorials with antagonist procedures...


Anyway, if this can help anyone using a Packard-Bell Easynote SB86 or SB87 with a Geforce 8600M GT...

My laptop is initially a SB86 with a GeForce 8600M GS, but it burned (it's a known problem on these freakin' cards) so it was replaced (not by PB which doesn't want to recognized the problem) by a 8600M GT for half the price by my reseller... I had to compromise!


First, I'm using iAtkos S3 V2. (I haven't tried a Vanilla Kernel yet, but I think I will soon, I'll let you guys know if I'm getting any success).


On install, I'm using the following :

- Default settings

- Sound: VoodooHDA only

- PS/2: Apple PS/2

- nVidia : Natit

- Ethernet>Wired> Marvell Yukon 88E8056 (says in description that it will work with 88E8039 as well)

- Laptop: Battery


Reboot with the iAtkos DVD, type -s

then : fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (if 0 is your disk...)

flag 1 (if 1 is your partition used)




Remove the DVD. I used easyBCD to make a dual boot with Windows 7 Pro (already installed on my machine). I won't get into this, there are countless decent tutorials about it. (NB: If Windows 7 start to cry about a broken boot, just chill out and use your Win 7 instal DVD. If it won't repair itself (it happened to me, maybe because Win 7 and Mac OS are on separate disk ?), you can use the command terminal

#list disk
#select disk X // Select the disk X where Win 7 is
#list partition
select partition N // Select the partition N where Win 7 is
REBOOT with the Win 7 DVD still in and it should repair it automatically this time



Anyway, when you'll boot on your Mac OS X Snow Leopard, type "-v -f". Should be OK.

Right now you should have a pretty yet small desktop: 1024x768, and when going into "System Information", your video chip has only 32MB of VRAM.

(Sound, touchpad, keyboard, CPU, RAM are OK. Graphics, Wifi (4965AGN... you shouldn't except to see it works anytime soon!), microphone, webcam are not.)

If someone knows how to make mic and webcam works...

Step 1 : You just have to modify slightly the following kexts: Natit, Geforce, NVDARessman, NVDANV50Hal


- In Natit, change VRAM size to "AAAAIA==" which is 512MB. Move Natit.kext to /System/Library/Extensions instead of Extra/Extension (not absolutely sure you have to...)


- In the 3 others : change IOPCIPrimaryMatch to "0x[Device ID][VendorID]". NVidia Vendor ID is 10de and my GPU device ID is 0407. I've set it to "0x040710de".


- Repair Permission and Cache.


- Reboot


For the previous step I suggest you use PlistEditor to edit the kext (NB: right click on Kext>Show contents and then edit Info.plist). You could use Kext Utily or OSx86 Tools to repair Permission and Cache.


Step 2 : Reboot. Your resolution should be changed (or at least you should be able to). If you can, and if in System Info you see correctly 512MB of RAM, you just have to use OSx86 Tools and click "Enable QuartzGL" then restart.


Step 3 : Everything should be okay now. (for the record, I only had 128MB of VRAM recognized, I just did again Step 1, reboot and it was okay, don't really know why...).





I hope I was clear enough and that it will actually help someone (if not, that's okay too :) ). I'm pretty sure there are other (better?) ways to make it work, but this one worked fine for me after trying a lot of others (especially since Wifi 4965AGN isn't working so I had to boot on Windows for internet browsing ;) )


Now I can move on to try to make the mic and the webcam work...

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i know this thread is more than 1 1/2 years old, but i just wanted to ask if someone solved the problem with the hdmi freeze.

i have the same problem, everything works fine,

resolution (change) - vga - s-video.

and when i plug in a hdmi cable, it doesnt freeze instantly but when i change to the input on my tv.

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