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Need some help on this - HP DM3-1130ED


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I installed iPC 10.5.6 succesfull and updated it to 10.5.8 (OSX Snow Leopard, can't boot up after install with Snow OSX, iAtkos doesn't even boot.). I got sound working, keyboard and touchpad. But I really need some help on the Graphic part. My laptop has two graphic cards, a Intel 4500HD and a Nvidia G105M. I already read on InsanelyMac that a G105M can work, but the Intel not. Is there a way to disable the Intel and enable the Nvidia so I get, QE and CL, resolution to 1366x786? Could you help me with this to get the G105M fully working.


I can't turn the brightness of the display lower, is this possible?


I got a Atheros AR9285 wireless card in the laptop, there are some kext's for it, but for Snow Leopard. Can't find a Leopard version, could somebody help with this.


I can only boot with CPUS=1 (without that I got a KP), so OSX only detects 1 core of the 2. Is it possible to enable the 2 cores.


I got the idea, that my battery is not lasting very long. Can I reduce the power consuming? Would help alot if the brightness could be turned down.


I included some pictures to give you some details, the screentext is in Dutch, but I hope you can understand it:


This is the Intel graphic card, with the monitor connected to it. Would like to disable it.


This is the Nvidia graphic card, no monitor connected.Would like to connect my monitor on this one.


My system profiler, with the cpus=1, so 1 core problem.



That are some problems, I have now. Could you help me with this. So I get my own Hackbook Pro?

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