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Need help - Dell 10v OSX WIN7 - MAGIC MOUSE


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I've recently built a Dell mini 10v - upgraded to 2 Gig RAM and 500 Gig 7200 RPM Samsung hard drive. Installed OSX and WIN7 Home Premium. Dual booting with the Chamelion boot loader.


OSX upgraded to 10.6.5 with some coaxing (Meklorts NBI/NBM). Installed BootCamp 3.1 on Windows.


Other than some sleep issues in OSX, everything works just fine EXCEPT that pesky Magic Mouse.


I can get the mouse talking to OSX - works fine. Reboot into WIN7 - power cycle the mouse - Windows sees it - configure - it work! YAY!


I have the bluetooth configured to use the APPLE drivers for both the BT Radio and the Mouse.

I can reboot into Win7 all day long and the mouse works.


NOW - I switch over to OSX - the mouse shows up the the bluetooth prefs - but it isn't working. I click the mouse, power cycle the mouse - I can see OSX trying to talk to the mouse - but it won't. SO - I do Setup BT device, power cycle the mouse so it shows up, hit Next - OSX says your're already paired, do you want to continue - click OK - TADA! Mouse works. I can reboot OSX all day long and the mouse works.


BACK TO WIN7 - The mouse shows up as "connected" but doesn't work. Remove it - re install - TADA!!! Works in Win 7.


BACK TO OSX - mouse not working. (see the pattern here?) Fix it like before and it works.


Lather, rinse, repeat.


As long as I stay in one OS or the other - everything's cool. But switch OS and the mouse doesn't work.


I've tried all kinds of crazy things. Reinstalled both OS's a couple times. Even swapped mice from my iMac. Same thing.


I should note I've seen NO PROBLEMS with the mouse lagging if it sits for 10-15 minutes - the BT isn't powering off due to energy saving like some have reported.


The only significant problem with this machine is this issue with the magic mouse. Other people seem to have got this working.


I know I could just give up and put a VX Nano mouse on this puppy - but I love that magic mouse (unless I'm gaming - and this machine isn't a gaming platform). I'm also hoping when LION comes out next year that I can coax it to run on the 10v. Then the magic mouse will really shine.





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