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Need help with a clean Tiger Install for Ibook G4

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I've got a 12" 800 Mhz ibook G4 with a CD drive (not combo drive). I need to make an additional partition on this laptop and it was only a single partition, so the only way to do it was a reinstall. I've got my original 10.4 install CD'. So I booted into the first CD and started the installation without customizing anything (I forgot that OS X installs a ton of extra {censored} if you don't tell it not to). About half-way through the 3rd CD I get an error that a file has been installed incorrectly. It asks me to press OK to restart the installation. Well, the files that are on the 3rd CD are just languages and Printer Drivers. So I want to start over and use the customization to deselect those features so that I can hopefully get passed the error.


The problem now, is that I can't get out of the installer. Whenever I reboot, it just tells me to insert the 2nd CD to continue the installation. I can't get the 1st CD to boot so that I can use the Disk Utility to reformat an start fresh. How do I start completely over from scratch so that I can boot off of the 1st CD again? (Just to clarify, I insert the 1st CD and hold "C" to boot. As soon as the installer opens, it prompts for the 2nd CD to continue installing). I need to wipe everything and start over again.

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