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Hdd issues? Logic dosn´t work well for me


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Hi, i recently installed hackintosh in my studio to run logic and the moast issues i have been able to solve, however i just cant fix this one on my own.


When i run logic it often stop the playback and sends me a message "System overload or disk to slow". I don´t got very much in the projects (at least compared to what i used to run in win with cubase with no problem at all) so it shouldnt fail.


I started to investigate the problem a bit and it seems quite common (however i do not find a lot of soultions out there...). Since i got an intel i7 which should handle the amount of tracks and effects i use just fine i asume that its the disk that fails and i have done some reasearch. Firstly, i got a 60gb ssd for my system where parts of logic is installed ( samples and my projects is installed at a 2TB WD ) Some say that this may occure due to to an overfilled system disk. I got 14gb free space of 60, should that be enough? I also checked the system disk with smart utilty and my brand new disk got 224 bad sectors - should this be any problem?


Then my other disk, where i record all audio tracks - I read that high load cycle count could be an issue, so i checked mine and it says as follows:


Load_Cycle_Count flag: 0x0032 value:199 worst:199 thresh:000 type:Old_age Updated:Always When_failed:- RAW_VALUE:3010


Since i dont know nothing bout smart data i wonder if that is good or bad values? Also i tried to use hdpam to solve this but it dosnt work for me, it outputs the following:


miens-iMac:~ mien$ sudo /Applications/Utilities/hdapm disk1 max


disk1: ST3160023AS

Setting APM level to 0xfe: FAILED: APM not supported


And others, i got a gigabyte ga-ex58-ud3r rev1.6 and running osx 10.6.5. Could there be an issue with my sata interface? Is there a way to check if it works propably?


I would really appriciate any help i cold get.


Best regards


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Post your system specs and install version etc. best to put it in your signature so people can always get a quick glance at what you are running.


did you try running just a few tracks with no plugins/instruments first? How does that go? which effects/instruments are you running? most important, how much ram do you have.


My logic is working fine with lots of tracks. my system specs are in my sig.

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Oh, ill add that to my signature in a couple of minutes.


I did have the error with no plugins at all, however it works better now after a bios update but it still occures from time to time. I use kind of heavy plugins, moastly sample based. very common third party plugins in my projects are:

Native instruments - Battery, Kontakt.

Spectrasonic - Trillian, Omnisphere

Toontracks - Superiour Drummer

Sonalksis - TBK

Antares - Auto-tune 5

refx - vangaurd


However i do not see a connection between my AU´s and my issue. But sometime when i close a project it crashes due to the auto-tune .component the dialog says.


I got 6BG ddr3

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