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"No acpi version 2 found"


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Hi there,


firstly, just like to say thanks to all here for making my hackintosh build smooth and straight forward. I've had no issues after 6 months heavy use. Not a single kernal panic or crash.


I'm after a fix for a startup issue:


I've recently reinstalled my system (asus p6t deluxe v2 with i7 920) after a graphics card swap. I installed using the guide provided here, which consists of a 123 boot cd and a p6t "finishing package" that also installs chameleon rc2.


the graphics card went in a whole lot easier by using chameleon rc5, so that's what I'm using as my boot loader (via a tonymac rc5 upgrade installer)


on boot I get the following "No acpi version 2 found" ...it's fine, I just press a key and it boots as normal.


but how do I lose this message? I've tried changing to acpi version 2 on the bios, but I then get "no acpi version 1 found"


So I tried a dsdt editor because I read that I could: "easily make your DSDT ACPI V2

at the top you can change something like this:"


DefinitionBlock ("DSDT.aml", "DSDT", 1, "APPLE ", "MacBook", 0x00010001)


into this:


DefinitionBlock ("DSDT.aml", "DSDT", 2, "APPLE ", "MacBook", 0x00010001)


This will after compilation be a V2 DSDT...


So, after re extraction to check I hadn't messed up, it now reads "2" where it should but the messages are the same.


I'll gladly provide more specific info if someone knows a fix for this... it's more an annoyance than a problem. Thanks for reading.

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