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***SOLVED*** JMicron JMB363 and IDE CD-ROM drive problem


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Hello everyone,


Fistly, I must say, what a nice community. :D Lot's of resources, but still, I think I have a rather specific problem. Been searching trying to find an answer to for days, but no luck.


So, I've managed to install a retail OSX 10.6 on my PC (specs below) and managed to get it work almost perfectly. The only thing that bugs me is the (IDE) DVD-ROM drive (ATAPI, plain vanilla :(). I've used Empire EFI V1.085 for installation, and with it the DVD-ROM worked just fine. I've done some post installation steps using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 2.4.0 to install bootloader on HDD, along with needed .kexts, and everything worked great, except for DVD-ROM which was not working at all.


When booted from a HDD, the Profiler was showing two unknown devices under Serial-ATA. I later found that I need additional kext in order to get it working. So I've installed them (JMicron36xATA.kext) and hoped it would solve my DVD-ROM problem, but it didn't. And here is the strange part. Now Profiler now does show two JMicron JMB363 AHCI devices under Serial-ATA, but still no trace of my CD-ROM or my other HDD (SATA) which is connected to it.


And once again, when booting from a Empire EFI CD, the CD-ROM drive works perfectly fine in OSX. I've also tried turning on and off the "Enable IDE" option in BIOS, which effectively does absolutely nothing.


Also, if it helps, I noticed that I must have IOATAFamily.kext, otherwise the Root can't be mounted ("still waiting for root" message while booting).


Now, as I'm pretty new to OSX in general I ran out of ideas what to try to solve this, so any help/hint would be greatly appreciated.





Motherboard: Abit AB9 Motherboard (Intel P965 chipset, JMicron JMB363)

CPU: Intel Core2Duo 1.84 GHz (E6300)

RAM: 4 GB RAM, 800 MHz, dual channel

Graphics: GeForce 9800 GTX 512 MB

HDD: 2xSeagate Baracuda 250 GB, 1 WD 640GB (all SATA)


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I managed to get this fixed. :D


The solution that worked for me is copy IOATAPIProtocolTransport.kext to /Extra/Extensions/, fix permisions and rebuild Extensions.mkext


I found this kext on the preboot image /Extra/Preboot.dmg from my boot CD. Since DVD-drive was recognised while booting from a CD I figured it must contain a kext I was missing. That one looked just right. ;)


It turns out that JMicron didn't have anything to do with this problem after all. So, if anyone else is experiencing the same thing with their ATAPI CD/DVD drives, give this a try.



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