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Deleted DSDT and need help


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I am running the Hackintosh build that was posted on Lifehacker sometime ago.


I changed my home office layout and decided to install the wireless card (Asus WL-138G V2) that I brought some time ago.


Everything is not going peachy and it's not as easy as I thought it will be.


Being quick, I moved the DSDT.aml folder to the trash and restarted the computer and now it won't boot.


Any help on what I can do? I have tons of music and videos that I have been working on and can't bare the thought of losing it all.





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If it is not booting, doesn't mean everything is lost. First of all try restoring the DSDT using another Mac/Hackintosh. Also a Windows machine with MacDrive or TransMac installed can be used.


At worst you can clone your HDD to another empty HDD then reinstall OS X transferring all the files and settings from the cloned HDD.

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