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USB Slow on GA-EX58-UD5


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Hi everyone !


I finish installing iAtkos s3v2 on my rig, updated to 10.6.5 and everythings ok.


- Graphic card ok (gtx285) with NvEnabler64, Games works like a charm.

- Cpu (I7 950) ok.

- sound ok with voodooHDA.


Almost everythings perfect.


The usb port are in Usb 1.0 I guess, When I launch a transfert from an external HDD a 1Gb file takes 50 min.


I see this topic about DSDT, mayby it's the key ??



I don t get exactly what I must do if the solution is doing this, what patch must I put on to get full speed usb ?

Or maybe there is no need to do DSDT file, only for usb.


I see many people here with this MOB so maybe someone have a solution for patch usb speed ?

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