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full ios on atv2


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I bought the new black atv. Since it runs a slimdown version of iOS 4.1 I'm thinking that it would be very cool to "mod it" to run a full iOS such the one that runs on the iPad. It shouldn't be to difficult since iPad and atv2 have many common hardware components such as the a4 and the wireless chipset.

I already jailbroken the atv2 and tried to ssh in its filesystem which is very similar to the one of iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Unfortunately many components of a full iOS are missing such the springboard app replaced by the lowtide app.

I've also tried to do a simple "drag and drop" to replace these components and then execute them but it didn't work. The input methods wouldn't be a problem since it's possible to connect a bluetooth keyboard to appletv using btstack (google it!)


Waiting for answers!

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