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Native install, video corrupt on boot


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I had a working install of a previous version on this machine (10.4.3 maybe) and decided it was time to try out a newer version. I downloaded the 10.4.6 goatse image and burned it to a DVD+R. My machine is a Celeron D 330J (I think... SSE3, NX support) running on an intel motherboard (something 945 based, gma950 graphics). The install was natively booted from the dvd and proceeded flawlessly. I have a dual boot setup using bootmagic 8 which worked fine with .3. The install will boot, but when it proceeds to graphical mode the graphics are corrupted.


The cursor is visible, but the rest of the screen is black with a few light colored blocks. I can somewhat randomly move things around and when I move the cursor to the upper left corner I can get some extra junk to appear on the screen when I click where the apple menu should be. The install boots fine in vmware and has no graphical problems of any sort. Having the install working from vmware should help me fix whatever is wrong, but I need a bit of guidance to figure out where to start. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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