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osx intallation question?


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You want the whole disk to be all one partition containing OSX, right?


Boot the install DVD.


Go to Utilities menu and select Disk Utility.


Click on the disk (not any of the partitions) on the left and click on Partition on the right.


Under Volume scheme select 1 partion. Give it a name. Select format: MacOS Extended Journaled. Click on Partition


When done, now click on Erase. Make sure it is set to MacOS Extended Journaled and click Erase


Exit Disk Utility and start your installation.


When you get to the Install screen, be sure to click on the Customize button and select packages for your computer. Click on the little arrow on the left of the item to reveal the selections. When done, click on Install.


Finish the installation and remove the DVD and reboot.

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