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Sorry if you guys dont like this post.


Basicly ive setup a auction site with buynow options. first off all i have a Uk and US based site and would like to invite this community too use the auction for FREE.


the uk site is picking up but the us hasnt even taken of the ground.


http://www.exclusivepc.co.uk select your country and then use these coupons on stage 2 of auction setup if you want added features for FREE



If an item sells below £70 then its free.

however if you want to use the auction with added features for free please use this

Coupon: 94736e331cea



If an item sells below $100 then its free.

however if you want to use the auction with added features for free please use this

Coupon: 62e4ddd2cd78


If you need seller/buyer support contact me directly at support@exclusivepc.co.uk and i will respond to each and every email (must be constructive)

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    • Cool! Do you have a link? Googled and didn't see anything yet.   Never mind... you're quick! I just noticed you updated it on the 1st page THANKS!!!!!!
    • I resolved the problem. Just set this coding in your config.plist:   "
                      <string>USB 10.13.4+ by PMHeart</string>
              </array>     "
    • New Web Driver - 387. for 10.13.4 build 17E202
    • I guess having pre{max-height: 500px;overflow: auto;} in CSS was too much for IPS Devs' tast.  Until an admin has hands on this, you still can use stylish plugin to accomplish it.     In fact, it is pretty easy than it appears - Just apply a simple click on the codebox (it will highlight it), then 'delete' key.
    • all the possible frequencyes i have added seems to work fine at the moment, i have added a lot of different frequencyes to support better all kinds of professional applications, inclunding strange sampling rates and goes from 8khz up to 176.4 khz, unfortunately 192 khz does not seems to work even on cards which should support it like the audigy rx, but other frequencyes just works fine and at the moment i have tested only the sound blaster audigy rx and the audigy sb0090 (1st gen audigy) and i can confirm that all the frequencyes from 8khz up to 176.4 khz does work on that card, so i think that such frequencyes should work on all the audigy 2, 2sz, 4 cards as well, tomorrow i will test with my sound blaster live! cards and i will let you know, but here are also some photos (pro tip: use cmd + alt/opton + 4 and then press space to make a screenshot of a single window):