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Boot Camp: Keyboard/Sound trouble


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Hey, I am using Boot Camp on my Macbook Pro so i can have the option of using Windows XP, or Mac OS... X?


When I am on the Windows side: Laptop speakers do not cut out when headphones are plugged in to the (correct) headphone jack. Sound comes out the headphones AND the speakers.


The F4 and F5 keys that manage volume do not monitor the vol. level when on the Windows side.


---^^^are there drivers to fix these problems^^^---


Windows restarts once (right when the desktop appears), has a disc error once (scans upon next start up), and boots correctly the third time. Occasionally the screen will be black after windows loads, so wtf, RESTART! However, Mac boots up every time. <3


---^^^will starting the Bootcamp ablility (from scratch) fix this problem?^^^---

For the most part, its been great so I dont want to make it worse...


Oh, and what is that 'fn' key in the lower left corner of the keyboard and why doesnt it do anything on the Windows side?


Anyone have these same questions?



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