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Sampling, Looping, and Mapping out Loops


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Hey, I'm brand new here, bit of a newb question, I would really appreciate help.

I'm really interested in creating my own samples and patches that I can then map out and sample using a midi keyboard. I want to use my self recorded soundclips, or use prerecorded soundclips ( for example an 8 second .aif file of a sound in the pitch of C at three different octaves - and then map that out at different pitches across the keyboard) As far as I can tell, Logic Pro 7 (or express), Ableton Live, and Peak 4, are programs that seem like they would help me create what I want. Although, I feel really lost and am not sure which program would be the best to use, or if there is some other program that is better than these. Anyways, anything you know on the subject would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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