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Title field for a new topic could act like a Spotlight


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I've posted this info in this topic but either it wasn't noticed or was too stupid to be responded to.


There it is, some copy/paste.


Could it be possible to improve/upgrade/rewrite/merge or whatever the search and New Users (users) created topics in a single one?


What I mean is this:

Then a new user (or whatever user) is writing the title for a new topic, the topic title field could act like the Spotlight does in OS X. Automatically bringing some most similar/relevant suggestions, so a user could review them and possibly find an answer before creating a new topic. This, if properly implemented, could reduce to some degree, the amount of new topics with questions that already been answered many times (like ...still waiting for root device...).


Sure, that might be very difficult task to accomplish technically. Anyway IMO the idea of Spotlight is a good one (at least how Apple did it) smile.gif


And sorry for repeating posts.

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