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The Alastorman Report


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Before I begin, here's my compy specs:

Compaq Presario X6000

256MB ATI Radeon X600 Mobility

2.8 ghz SSE2 Pentium 4


Broadcom Wireless Card (I THINK)




Ok. So, a day ago, I installed OSx86 using VMware. Everything went smoothly; I used chain0 to dual boot with WinXP. When I booted into OSX, My audio, In and Out, didn't work. My video card also wasn't supported, because I couldn't have changed my resolution from 1024x768. Wireless DID work, however. My friend remedied the audio problem with a modded AppleAC97Audio.kext, both Input AND Output worked. He considered it a miracle. Then, we worked on getting my video card to work, I.E run in my native resolution (1400x900). We worked on installing Koverg's 9700 v 0.2 patch. Mind you, if you look above, I do not own the 9700. We tried it anyway, because, if I recall correctly, that seemed like the most promising. We installed it, repaired the permissions in disk utility, and I rebooted. When I booted into back into OSX, I encountered a screen full of yellow lines, green triangles, and red triangles. One can assume this is bad. One question: Did we do this wrong, or was that just a bad idea from the start? My friend reccomended me to use terminal in the boot cd, and try to edit the .kext back to its original form. It didn't work. We tried going into Windows using a program called Macdrive to enable writing to HFS partitions. That, also, didn't work. Finally, I decided to wipe the partition and try anew. But, before I do that, I must ask one question: Is the hope for my videocard in OSX86?


Thanks in advance,


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