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Help With Install please and thank you!


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Ok so this is what my last settings where... I get to the welcome screen only it's still at verbose screen and I here the music. So I never actually see the welcome screen.


I know i'm compatable because I had it fully functional but didn't write down my settings. I probally installed it 150 times before it worked. Also I am able to boot in -x safeboot


NO KP's it's wierd. I think it's a grafix issue


My last settings where:


-iAtkos s3 v2 Main




---Boot Loader options:

1. grafix enable




2. Fakesmc

3. Disabler


------Mod kernel: Quoopz 10.2


-------Evo Reboot



1. Sound: Vodoohda

2. PS/2 Apple

3. CPU: Vodoo P State

4. Laptop Battery

5. VGA= Intel GMA950




My System:

Notebook: Gateway MX6956


Manufacturer Gateway

Version 77.08

North Bridge Intel i945GM Revision 03

South Bridge Intel 82801GHM (ICH7-M/U) Revision 03


CPU Genuine Intel® CPU T2050 @ 1.60GHz

Cpu Socket Socket 479 mPGA


System Slots 1 PCI, 1 PCMCIA


Video: Intel GMA950 (27a2)


N10/ICH 7

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I'd recommend not to select any VGA drivers when doing a fresh install. It is always much more safer to install them after the OS X is up and running.


First of all thank you for your help you opened up another avenue for me to try. I've tried probally 197 differt times, each time I get closer. this time is the closest.



Tried no Graphix driver. got grey screen at boot this time vs. black darwin screen (was loading in -v -f)


Tried installing drivers via SnowLeo dvd since you can just add drivers from the disc vs iAktos of installing main system + drivers. nothing... However was able to plug into an externel monitor still can't get LCD going. any sugestions... sorry for my bad English


When using external display I tried installing through Iaktos S3 V2 disk in os via system/instalation/

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