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How to for getting you PC/windows games work on the Mac

Paul The Tall

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Hi guys,


Games are quite a problem at the moment for the Mac. There are not so many. But luckily it starting to get better.


Many people are using virtual machines or bootcamp to run there games on the Mac (whick is in my opinian an insult for the Mac ). Virtual machines cost money and a windows license. Well there is a solution for many games and thats wine Read everything about it on Winehq Nice thing about it, is that it is open source and freee! But the source itself is quite technical, so there some solutions like Crossover or Wineskin. Wineskin is free And makes it possible to install your favourite games to the Mac and export it in an .app which you can start easily with an doubleclick. I made some step by step installation guides for some games so you can enjoy those games on the the Mac. Made for the following games an step by step manual and many many more are about to come!


- Company of heroes

- FIFA 11

- Fallout 3

- Caesar III

- Need for speed Underground 1 + 2

- Settlers V, Heritage of Kings

- Dune 2000

- Trackmania Nations Forever

- Brothers in Arms


you can find those step bij step installation videos on this site here:

Wineskin Courses


There is made an RSS feed available to stay in touch if there are more videos


Hope you guys will love it! Let your favorite games work on the Mac available on the news page. Grin.png

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