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crazy one! can you help?


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Hi, I wonder if some one would know what is happening here!


I have been trying to load iATKOS 6.3v2 or iATKOS v7 on to my Acer aspire 1640

laptop, specs of 1640 are below.


The problem I am having is that 6.3v2 wont install, everything looks fine but when I hit install, the install seems to start but doesn't write to the HDD, the candy pole thing just turns in the load area and doesn't start installing. The machine hasn't

locked up, the curser will move around the screen but everything will just stay like that.


iATKOS v7 I got to install the first time but in -v it had something to do with unsupported cpu, so I deleted it and tried loading with different kernels, but no good.


Now the DVD won't load at all, stops at a blue screen, seeing that I'm using the same DVD to install, I can't figure out why.


Anyone have any clues?


PS. I see a post saying that, "Snow Leopard won't work because by default, it doesn't support IDE."

So that would explain 6.3v2, thank you.




* cpu Pentium M 735 / 1.7 GHz processor

* Chipset: Intel 915GM

* BIOS Version:

* BIOS setup options: DVD boot

* Video: Intel 915GM Express Chipset.

* Audio: ICH6 High Definition Audio Controller.

* LAN: RTL-8139 10/100 Integrated Controller.

* IDE: only * IEEE 1394 (aka FireWire):

* WLAN: PRO/Wireless 2200 BG.

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