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Building an OSX machine


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Hi All,

I have been interested in building an OSX machine for some time, and I feel that I have an advantage that I'm not trying to make an existing machine work, but looking to put together a purpose built OSX box.

I have lurked through a lot of forum posts and the hardware compatibility lists only to find that the VAST majority of hardware covered by installation guides and forum help is no longer available for purchase (I usually stick with newegg for purchases) ;)

While I am fine with getting my hands dirty to make this thing work, I would like to be able to get as close to a working vanilla "out of the box solution" as possible without actually buying a mac.

What are your recommendations for current OSX / community supported motherboards and video cards. I would love to stick with a micro-ATX configuration, but I'm not picky.


Thanks for your help,


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