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[Mini Guide] SL 10.6.4 on EP41-UD3L


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i'm a noob on Osx86 and it was a long way to understand what i have to do ... and a more longer way to find the right information i needed. This forum ist great and helps me a lot. So i try to give something back.... (sorry for my bad english)


I want to use the OSx86 PC like a "Server System" to serve my data and itunes library, because in my home we brought over the time any apple devices like ipod, ipad ... That's right, i can do that over windows too, but its not the same. Any function in sharing data, syncing, automatically processes do'nt work in the same cool way like on the apple environment - its normal for a propieritary system.

I wanted to get a cheap system, standing in the basement and automatically serving my data, backing up etc. I do'nt use that system for high potential graphic application. So i do'nt need an high performance system.

I used the EP41-UD3L - because, i have old 2 gig memory chips, power supply, a nvidia pci-e graphic card and the cpu for this board cost not more then 100 € - i take the E6750. At the end - the additional hardware i needed : around 200 € for mainboard, disk an cpu ... and the Snow Leopard original DVD 29 €.

The problem was to understand whats happened, what is meant, what is the different between EFI, Chameleon, kext, DSDT. At least, i installed the system 5 times in minimum before it runs like i want .... it was nerve-racking.


The last and easiest way was the following:


What i doing:


1) Load the newest BIOS F6 on this board


My old fanless nvidia card 7800 did'nt work, i do'nt know why. Its blocked by BIOS or is crashed. The other older cards ASUS nvidia 7600 GT and MSI 9800 GT working well. I used the 7600 GT because it needs less power consumtion.

The EP41-UD3L do'nt have a AHCI switch in BIOS, anyway it works.

Additional i used my old USB keyboard and mouse. If you have PS2 keyboard and mouse its a bit tricky, because this units just working, if you install the ApplePS2Controller.kext after the installation.


2) basic install process




A really cool way for setup the basic system. Its important to follow the description.If you do'nt ... kernel panic ...

I used the Nvidia [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] - no problems and get the 10.6.4 operating systems. The only matter is the ethernet card. You need to install the Realtek LAN kext after that from




with : http://cheetha.net/ (Kexthelper that i used) and reboot.


But i want to use the sleep functionality and that was tricky too for me....


3) sleeping mode/ reduce power consumtion


I tried a lot of kext and combination of kext ... no way ... crashes, kernel panic ...


Take that: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=142434


Download and unpack the BIOS for EP41-UD3L on a windows system, take the Patcher, type in the graphic card, mark the fixes, build the dsdt.aml, copy on an USB stick.


The next step is patching the patch ... tongue.gif




That tool is really cool. I used 3 patches, the last two basic patches for gigabyte boards and the WAK patch. Patch, compile ... put the resulting dsdt.aml in the EXTRA folder ... reboot.

Now Sleeping works, but awaking not.


At the end it needs additional the sleepEnabler kext. http://www.kexts.com/view/409-sleepenabler...for_10.6.4.html


And now ... all things good - sleeping, awaking ...


I configuring my system to awake on 8 pm, the system comes up rightly, syncing my data, making the backup and gos sleep. Next time i will try the functionality with elgato HD automatically TV recording and apple TV streaming ....


Thanks for all people in this forum ... that was a great help for me.



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Hi, if it's not a problem could you post some screens of your BIOS set up, or just write detailed settings for the bios, as I followed this guide step by step , but you can see the result in my attachment :P

Thank you in advance :)

my specs are:

Intel Q9400

Memory 2 x 2GB @ 800 Mhz


Video: Sapphire 4870 1GB DDR5

MB: EP41-UD3L bios F6


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