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Audio and Airport not working in XP


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Ok, i just installed Windows XP Pro and the drivers on my Macbook (Not Pro). At the very end of the Drivers installation it says "Rolling Back installation" and then gives me an error popup. The error is Error code: 1603 What this means, i have no clue :blink:


Anyway, i restarted, the Intel GMA 950 drivers were installed, so were the USB ones, but no Audio or Airport. Everytime i reboot it finds 2 new hardware and asks for drivers. I suspect that these are both indeed the Audio and Airport (One being USB and the other being Ethernet)



So, if anybody has a clue what is going on and how i can fix this that would be great. Overall i am very pleased with the performance of XP on my Macbook. Its just as good (If not better) than my dads similar Dell laptop running XP Pro too.



Anyway, Peace :(

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