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install only to primary IDE?


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I'm trying to install osx86, after bit of a read on wiki and forums, I'm still a bit confused how I should prepare/arrange my drive orders.


I currently have a windows XP install on one harddrive and another harddrive for regular storage, they are plugged in as follow


Primary master: HDD with windows xp

Primary slave: : storage drive

Secondary master: DVD burner


I would like to install osx86 on the storage drive [primary slave]

However I read that osx86 will not recognize the install, that i will get the "Still waiting for root device" error, unless I place it under primary master.




Will i be able to use

rd=disk1s1 (disk1 partition 1)

as boot option to workaround this?

If given a choice I do not wish to change any of my drive order. Is it currently possible to install macosx on a slave drive?


Also when I install osx86, will it attempt to write a bootloader into my primary master (my windows xp partition)?

I do not wish that to happen because that will mess things up.

If so, how do i prevent this from happening? also will I be able to add an entry to boot.ini to direct it to boot to my osx86 install on primary slave?




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Only if you get the dreaded root device error when you boot the DVD will you need to rearrange your drives. But only for the installation. You can return them to their original position after.


rd=disk1s1 will not usually get around it.


If you install the Chain0 file in your Windows root, you can use the Windows bootloader. Your Mac partition should be ID=AF.



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Hard to say. We don't really know why the boot process can sort out the drive system or someone would come up with a true fix. This problem has been going on since the beginning.


You just have to try it to find out. Desktops usually fare better than laptops though.

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