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MBP won't load or install OS on internal Drive


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Ok, I'm not new to MAC's but have been in the Wintel world for a long time. If any one remembers the 128k test drive Mac, I owned one in '84. I've owned a plus, se30, macII and a power mac.


Ok, I aquired a MacBook Pro A1286. It had been dropped from the previous owners couch (there was absolutely no physical damage) and it would not load the OS from the HD. I can not get it to load OSX on the internal drive. It will not partition or erase the drive, I can however install onto a USB external drive and everything works great. I have an Asus Hac that I have tested the HD on and it will erase partition and I have duplicated an OS(from booting USB) onto it. After reinstalling into the MBP it will not start. I tried with a standard WD160 drive and even though the MB reconizes the HD it will not partition or erase.


All Recommendations and assistance will be appreciated.

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