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ACL883 Driver needed


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Hi Everyone,


I have snow leopard installed with iAtkos S3 v2 on my laptop. As far as I know it is booting into x64 by default, and everything works minus sound and the built in Gig-Eth card. I believe the card is an intel Pro 100/1000.


I installed the PS/2 enabler and it made the keyboard and touchpad work :( . But, this is a total loss for me. I'm new to this whole thing and hope I didn't mess anything up by installing it with all the USB patches that the DVD had.


The things I have tried are:

Remove the AppeHDA.kext and replace it with different ones. VoodooHDA fails to open with "registry- cant find path" errors. Also the sound device is not displayed under sound in System Settings.


If someone can help me with these issues, and fine final one - no icons are displayed on the desktop when I install and application, or for the filesystems/mounted drives. Is this normal for x64?


P.S when I attempt to boot with non-safe boot I get a black screen, and the audio with static from my speakers - is this normal because I don't have the proper Kexts?


Best Regards,


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You need to inject the audio card info since OS X cannot read the ACPI tables correctly. You need to either enable it with a DSDT.aml patch or use HDAEnabler. I have ALC883 as well and can get it to work, although I am having trouble getting it to work correctly.

I would suggest going to www.kexts.com and searching for ALC883 drivers and trying them unless you know how to binary patch AppleHDA and patch your DSDT

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