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OK i have done a successful install before and tried updating the video card without success. i also tried audio without success so now i'm doing a fresh install on the separate IDE


which will be controlled by the motherboard settings on which drive to boot from.


I do not fancy installing this again due to failing hardware and really would like support like i received in my first post.


This is the current motherboard I'm using




of which i will use the on-board sound because i feel there is an easyer tutorial on here (please direct me) than trying to get my Sounblaster Audigy 2 ZS to work.


Also have an Ethernet router which i can get working without any problem after i use the ViaRhine.kext but that's sorted. once I've installed the 10.4.6 Jas version il use the update 10.4.7 and then try with the soundcard and AGP ati i have.


Also just a few Q?

What is mouse tearing... is it that {censored} when i move mouse or leave it for few secs it leaves a mark behind? (how annoying!)

Also what are these Jas binaries?

also would it be best if i continue to think about buying the imac 17" ?



Any help would be received with many thanks.


This will become my weekend project to get it working without any serious issues.

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