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Best Working Distro for an HPdv6000?


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Okay, admittedly i am a noob thats why im here for advice. I have been trying to install OSX onto my hpdv6000 series with mixed results. at the best, i have gotten it to install using the SnowLeo install dvd, but it basically booted and thats it, no wifi, lan, screen res was stuck at the min, etc. What will be the best distro (version as well as "brand") for my hardware?

it is:

hpdv6000, intel core 2 duo (t5200)

intel GMA 950 graphics (this has been the biggest problem, i want better res than 1024x768...)

intel pro/100 ethernet

intel 3945 wireless (which i have read is basically unsupported, forever)

intel audio

160gb Hd, 2gb of RAM

looking around on the forum i have seen several users say that they got the display going with acceleration and everything, and i am wondering what distro and version they did this with, as i would like to give it a try. thanks for the help guys and im stoked to hopefully get my hackintosh going :unsure:

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What are the benefits with using the retail DVD? How would I install it?


-Retail=Original *we need a bootcd

you can rely on this tutorial




-"Distro"(do not know what was changed)

Read it


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