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Problem with wireless and PCCard bridge

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1. I have a miniPCI card based on Ralink RT2400 chipset. I tried to download the drivers but they don't seem to work (although I added my device id to the Info.plist). The kextload -t says:


21CardBusWirelessDriver is not compatible with its superclass, 20IOEthernetController superclass changed?


I'm wondering if it's ever possible to make this work.


2. I have a PCMCIA to PCI bridge card and I tried to make it work in OS X with no success. It's Ricoh RL5C475 PCI controller but t doesn't show up in the System Profiler, and IOPCCard doesn't load on startup. If I load it manually using kextload, it loads successfully but nothing changes. Wondering if there's any way to make it work.


Thanks a lot for any help!

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