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Install Legacy Support?


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After switching from "Native" to "Legacy Mode" in the BIOS, I successfully installed iATKOS S3 10.6.3 on a Dell OptiPlex 745. However, the 745 has one of those Broadcom ethernet cards that don't seem to have a working driver for.


So I'm now trying to install it on an OptiPlex 320, which looks like it has a more normal ethernet card, which should work. However, the BIOS screen lacks the Legacy Mode option, so I don't think I can get the Install DVD to boot.


Can you install Legacy Support to a BIOS somehow? Or am I just screwed, it's either built into the motherboard or it's not?


(I'm too lazy to post specs right now, I'm assuming this can be answered w/o them)




OK, here's some specs. The 745 had:


Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel Q965 (ICH8)

BCM5754 Ethernet (can't get to work)


The 320 has:

Intel Core 2 Duo

ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Pro

"Integrated Broadcom Ethernet LAN solution 10/100 LOM with Remote Wake Up and PXE Support"


I also have access to a 330 with:

Intel Pentium Dual Core

Intel G31 (ICH7R)

BCM5787 Ethernet (which I couldn't find a driver for either)


and a 380, which I need to get the specs for.

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