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MacBook Pro Clone


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Hallo Männers !


Dürfte vllt für den ein oder anderen interessant sein !?!


We are yet to see an Apple Macbook using the extremely power-frugal Atom processors. However, in Shanzai, anything is possible. This Macbook Pro Clone from Shanzai uses a dual-core Atom 330 processor. This Macbook Pro Clone uses similar casing and even sports a touchpad with integrated buttons, just like the original one. Although the Atom is much weaker than the Core 2 Duo CPUs that the Macbook Pros come equipped with, it features next generation ION graphic chipset which allows 1080p video playback on it like a duck soup.


Other specs include – 160GB/320GB hard disk, 1/2GB RAM, 14.1” 1366×768 display, HDMI, 3 USB 2.0 ports, memory card reader, Wi-Fi b/g and Bluetooth.


Note that it is possible to get one with Atom N450 processor too.



Hier noch der Link damit Ihr auch ein Bild von diesem wunderbaren Clone seht :D ===== > http://gadgetmix.com/netbook/macbook-pro-clone-atom-powered/




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