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a frustrating experience so far


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hi guys


just joined this lovely forum and not a moment too soon. Ive just completed my very lovely shiny new pc build ready for a hackintosh attempt. 3 days now and no luck and im begining to get really disheartened with it all. Im onto my 5th distro and the same thing is happening over and over again. Whats stanger is that i have 2 other systems in the house and they do the exact same thing even though there different specs. I once had a dell pc for a while and got like 90% of the installation finished yet i cant even get 5 seconds into this one with these 3 home builds, and i can install windows 7 on all 3 of them so i know the hardware is working and configured as needed.


my specs on the system i want to install it on are an intel 17 950, gigabyte x58a-ud3r, ati radeon hd 5450, 6gb triple chan dominator 1600mhz,1tb western dig sata 3 hard drive, corsair 650watt ps....


so far i have tried the following distros, ideneb 1.5.1,1pc 10.5.6 final, snow lep 10.6.2 hazard, and iatkos s3 v2.


So on the fist 3 distros the same thing would happen over again, i would get to the darwin screen and i would press f8. i would proceed in verbose mode only to be greeted by


Hfs+ filegrey_loader.gif [/system/library/extensions.mkext] from 4230a80


followed by a sudden rebbot, and this was over and over again on the first 3 distros. i tried to boot in safe mode and -f mode, even arch=i386, cpus=1, same problem again and again


i tried with the iatkos distro and got about 10 seconds further and was greeted with the chameleon logo, i pressed f8 it appeared as though it was going to boot and then i was hit with the following info


efi-injet-get-devprop-string-nultrying string data

patched dmi table


and to be honest that is where i am at. i feel like tearing my hair out whats left of it, and yet i see so many hundreds on these forums with very similar boards and chipsets. so im asking for any help here, im not exactly on the level of a genius programmer, i have some knowledge, but still go easy, i come from a windows background


thanks in advance...please help



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