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ioregexplorer can't find my audio chip....

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Apologies for the duplicate post - just found this forum and it seems more appropriate to my audio problem - so here goes..


I built a very nice fully working hackintosh a while back and it's great - had to patch the dsdt, but got there in the end. See sig below. Learnt a lot about Mac's and hacking :-)


Now trying to build a new better Hackintosh on a asus P5Q MB with Q6600 CPU and 8800GT video.


I'm nearly there, everything works but the sound.


I've tried various kexts - but no joy, so figure I need to patch the DSDT. Sadly it seems ioregexplorer can't find my audio chip.


A few more details - I have the 2002 Juzzi bios dated 03/04/2009. I'm triple booting XP, Ubuntu and SL 10.6.4


The audio works fine in XP and Ubuntu - in XP and Ubuntu the chip gets reported as an ALC888 (not ALC1200 as per the MB spec). So I guess the patched BIOS is ok.


I've extracted the DSDT while in Ubuntu and de-compiled it - no obvious sign of HDEF.


On my original working Hackintosh the HDEF shows under AppleACPIPCI as HDEF@1B - no sign of anything like that on the new machine.


I'm running Chameleon RC3 fully installed but suspect it might be ignoring my patched DSDT - but shouldn't IOregexplorer find the HDEF chip with or without a patched DSDT ?


In Extra/ extensions I have the following:





IOAHCIBlockStorage Injector.kext





What am I missing here to get the audio chip recognized and operating ?


Do I need to do anything to make sure Chameleon takes notice of my patched DSDT ?


BTW - posting this from my nearly perfect new Hackintosh :-)


Thanks again guys (I hope)

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A little bit of progress.


So i generated a DSDT.aml under Ubuntu and implanted it into /extras and then / - same result, no audio detected.


So I deleted it then ran dsdt patcher in OSX which generated a patched DSDT.aml which is significantly different to the one from Ubuntu.


I put this patched DSDT.aml into / and inserted an AppleHDA.kext which seemed like the right one.


Hey presto ioregexplorer finds the HW and the sound works - sort off.


It's a bit quiet and distorted but at least there is sound.


Tried quite a few different Apple HDA.kext's - all have the same problem, distorted audio.


I think I'm going to try and fine tune the DSDT.aml for my particular set up. Stay tuned.

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