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RTL8139 dropping network connection

Darnei Tiger

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Hi all. I have been having this issue throughout my entire history with osx on this pc (a good 2-3 years). Whenever i am in leopard (SL didnt seem to do this..), and i do any extended downloading such as leaving a torrent up for 30 minutes or so, my network connection freezes. no google, no ping, no messengers, etc. Im running on an RTL8139 adapter (EDIT: newegg lists it as a Realtek 8100C... strange. its always registered as an 8139 for me..) thats built in to my mobo. I browsed around through the forums and used the search feature, but i wasnt able to come up with anything.


Has anybody seen this issue before, or have any ideas for me to try? Im thinking since it works in 10.6, it might just be a kext issue. im not sure if it did this in kalyway 10.5.2 as this was a long time ago, but i know it does it in iPC 10.5.6 and iDeneb 10.5.7 (im currently running the ideneb i mentioned).


It also has a gigabit lan built in as well, but i could never find a kext to use it, that might be a better solution... it is a Agere E1310I adapter. if anyone has a kext to try for that one, feel free to link me to it.


My specs:

AMD 4200+ 2.2ghz

ECS KA3-MVP motherboard (jMicron ata x_x )

-- AMD 580x crossfire north bridge

-- AMD SB600 south bridge

Radeon HD4580 1gb

3GB pc6400 ram

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