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Screen messes up after update 10.6.4 or mbp1.3 (partualy) SOLVED


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I am working on installation of sl on a (brand new) xxodd xni5100 (=clevo B5100m)

(i7-620m, HM55, intelHD and Nvidia Gt330m (optimus), 8Gb)


used emipre efi 1085 to boot,

install sl 1.6.3 from retail disk

reboot with empire cd

have to do the fsck hack (seem to be something with the sata controller)


comboupdate 10.6.3 v1.1 -> goes well, i can see things at 1024*786

Everything ok till now.


update MBP1.3 -> error : doesn't meet requirements -> with pacifist -> OK

reboot -> screen nearly unreadble, screen on left site only 4 or 5 pixels readable, the rest of from other part of screen,wacko.gif

about 1/6 th then is messed up (in strokes) and mixed, other half is not readable (looks like random pixels)

(or scambled / mixed up)


same when instead of mbp1.3 update first combo 10.6.4 update


stupid thing is that is see (though very difficult) the correct resolution in a list (1600*900)


I think i miss something somewhere in the installation, but can't find what

Has anyone any clue about the messy screen ?unsure.gif


-update- 01-okt-2010

After deleting /S/L/E/AppleIntehHDGraphicsFB.kext, i get back a normal view. (1024x768)

next question : how to go to 1600x900 native Gt330M

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