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10.6.4 update killed my Dell Latitude D630 display

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Been running Snow Leopard just fine on my D630 for over a year. Decided to update to 10.6.4 so I ran the combo update. When I rebooted, right at the point where the screen would turn blue (just before the menubar and dock appears) the screen turned all white. I wasn't too worried as I had seen this before and was able to correct it deleting the GMAX3100 kexts. So I turned the machine off, turned it back on, and much to my dismay there was no post screen. However, I could tell it was still booting. I plugged in an external monitor and could see the wallpaper and my mouse cursor. But I can't do anything cuz the dock and menubar are on the laptop display which is all white.


Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? How could software kill my laptop display?


I have a second hard disk that has Windows 7 installed so I plugged that one and booted to the same result. External monitor shows fine but laptop display is all white.

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