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PLEASE, help me troubleshoot my MagicMouse occasional freezing problem


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My BlueTooth MagicMouse will freeze every once in a while on my Hackint0sh, but never does this when used with my MacBook Pro.


I have tracked the problem down to the 'touch/tap' feature. What happens is every time it detects a three finger tap (whether you've actually placed three fingers on it, or just two finger and your palm) it freezes for a minute. This happens without fail. But just so long as I remember to make sure not to make contact with more than two finger, no freezing at all. Of course I never remember :whistle:


I've tried Overdrive, but it makes things worst. I find MagicPrefs works the best for me.


Now what I think may resolve the issue, is to compare the driver being used on my MacBook Pro, along with any settings or info.plist files, with my Hackint0sh ones. But I have no idea which files to check or what values to compare.


So your suggestions and help would be appreciated.




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