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hey there...ive been trying to search stuff on OSX86 but, just dun get enough time! so now im here i wanted to ask you all if osx86 will work on my system!!!



Processor: AMD 64bit, 939 Socket 3000+ [1.8GHz]

Motherboard: ASUS A8I

Memory: 2x 256MBs and 1x 512MBs

Hard Drive: boot drive = 15GB Wester Digital, 2x 80GBs Seagate Baracudas as backup drives [dumps]

Graphics Card: ASUS ATI 9550 series, 256MBs:128bit

Built-in: Sound, LAN


I would really like to know if it would work on it! and if it does, which version would be the best?!

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