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Can you install multiple Wireless Cards?

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Basically is it possible to have two Wireless NICs on OS X? I'm running 10.4.7. I installed one succesfully and now trying to install a Linksys Wireless WUSB54G. I can't get the WUSB54G to install. Reason why I'm trying this is below.


Playing around on a IBM Thinkpad T40. I got the internal (atheros) a/b/g card to work with the IO80211Family.kext from the 10.4.5 Intel Update. I then installed this a/b/g card on my Dell 8600 laptop and couldn't get it to work...even in windows the card isn't working properly so I figured there's something up with the a/b/g card since its from a IBM machine? Now I'm trying to install the Linksys USB WUSB54G V4 on the Thinkpad using the Ralink RT2500 drivers. I followed the instructions on this page - http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&hl=wusb54g but I can't get the WUSB54G to be picked up by the Airport/Network Preferences. In the System Profiler it does show up under USB Device Tree.

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I tired loading the kext (RT2500USBWireless.kext) via Terminal and it says it it loaded succesfully...but when I check the System Profiler its not listed under the list of Extensions?


Also, in Menu Meters for the Network icon it says:


Built-in Ethernet 1 (en0) - this the built in ethernet and is working


Below that is:


AirPort (en1) - Ethernet 10Mbps (with a check mark, but Inactive.



I know when I was installing the mini-pci a/b/g card I might have changed en0 to en1....vice versa...could that be an issue? I tried to undo everything I did with the mini-pci that I had installed.

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Got it working now. I noticed that the <key>idProduct</key> was 17 on my machine and not 13. I changed it to 13, rebooted and loaded the kext via Terminal (kextload /System/Library/Extensions/RT2500USBWirelessDriver.kext) and up popped the Wireless Utility!
















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