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[Help] OSx freezes on boot

Kezra Planestrekker

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Before anything Hi all, new user here.


I have successfully installed OSx on my HP G61 200SP and everything was working fine until a few minutes ago o.O


I had my laptop idle on OSx, then all of a sudden it froze. I couldn't unfreeze it so I turn it off and on again, but now it's stuck on the bootloader :S


I've tried booting with -v but all it does is this:


Loaded HFS+ file: [system/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist] 479 bytes from 435acb0


I've just come up with a theory: What I think might have happened is that like for USB fix, if you have no issues without the fix installing the fix makes the issue appear rather than disappear xD Happened to me with USB, on my first install... I installed the USB fix, but since my laptop didn't need it, the fix actually made my USB ports not work. Could the sleep fix without needing it create the issues aswell?


Anyone can help? I'd be very thankful smile.gif


Thanks in advance,



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