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Totally screwed up mouse pointer!


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Hey guys


So after getting the hang of installing OSX on my dell optiplex gx270, i figured id give my IBM ThinkCentre S51 a whirl. Sure as heck, first try, got it to boot to a functioning desktop. Couldn't get audio/Lan on the first try, but the intel GMA 950 driver loaded right up. Ok sweet!



Yea except one thing! The mouse pointer is huge, gnarled, and made of dots! Its barley usable, as you have to click below the object you want to click on..annnd im kind of lost at where i tinker next. For the install its fine.


I was guessing graphics kext issue, however after extracting and installing some other kexts for GMA950, nope, no go. Same issue


Ive searched the forum and havent seen naything like it. Any ideas guys?


ill see if i can get a screenshot, the USB reading my thumb drive doesnt always work


This is 10.6.2 by hazzard btw. Using a USB mouse and keyboard. Booting off the legacy kernel.


Another tid bit, doesnt seem to recognize the processor,. Ive installed SMBIOS, but sitll shows up as "Unknown Processor"


Before i had just thrown an iAtkos HDD in, and it booted up. Couldnt do much, everything would crash, but atleast then it recognized hyper threading, oh yea AND THE MOUSE WAS USABLE!


Thanks in advance guys

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