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Just bought an Mac Mini server...so, what now.


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Hi to all.

This is the first mac forum ive ever registered on.

Ive just bought a Mac Mini server. Bought it while i was on hols in florida (hit the apple store in the florida mall - as i suspect most brit's do...) This isnt my first mac. I bought a macbook pro a few years ago in the same place.


Reasons i bought it and the one i have now: Firstly the price - cheaper over there, secondly - i like some aspects of apple's design but other's i dont (not enought usb's and not powered well enough on the macbook...for example). At the time i knew i could run bootcamp and i did (im a sys admin for a job and i like to mess around with new stuff all the time...). I do find that apple's hardware generally is designed to look nice (which it does - hats off to the design department) - but when apple hardware needs repairing it doesnt look like its built to be taken apart that often...theres a lot of stick tape inside my old macbook, thats what i found anyway...


Right - to the point - this visit netted me a mac mini server - i didnt mind not having the dvd drive and valued the extra hard disc more. So, i fired up the stock install - set it up and tried some file sharing - however i could get it to share to everyone, readonly, unconditionally - if you were coming from another machine you always got promted for a username and password (is there a way round this???)


So i tried a osx install. From a stock 10.6.3. snow leopard disc- no network drivers installed, which as an osx novice stopped me in my tracks. The plan was, to partner it up to my drobo pro, stick it in the front room and then use it as a media center box running Plex ( which from the screen shots look amazing ). But i wanted to share the folders out on the drobo to the rest of the house (media library etc etc) but as read only with no password prompts then other (windows 7 media center boxes can pick up the library also)


Has any one had or done this kind of thing???


I genuinely look forward to peoples comment and suggestions as i dont know anyone with a mac, we all tend to run ubuntu, debian or win 7.


Alternatively if i cant do what i want to do - then theres a mac mini server for sale (1 week old!!!)

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