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TC4200, ethernet and tablet kexts?


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So I followed some other users guides for the TC4200 but my ethernet didn't work upon first boot. I have a broadcom wireless card on the way from ebay so I'm trying to work out the kinks in the meantime.


I followed the image posted in this thread from someone else with a compaq/HP TC4200.





I didn't have the ethernet plugged in during installation. Does this make a difference?

I chose the Apple 5751 ethernet driver from the customization page.


Also I have this package to use to get my tablet stuff working but I am unsure how to go about making sure it works. I haven't tried copying it to the laptop yet because of the lack of ethernet so it may be easier than I expect.




I got sound, video and bluetooth it would seem.



Okay so I double checked the specs and here they are:



eth: broadcom corporation netextreme bcm5751m gigabit ethernet


wifi: pro wireless 2200bg network


texus instruments PCIxx21 / X515



I'm going to try this again with ethernet plugged in during installation and adding the intel pro wireless 2200 package during installation.

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So I google foo'd my way into 4am last night on the ethernet issue.


I tried probably 10 different kexts of drivers that might of worked. The most promising thing I found was this.




His patch didn't work on my TC4200 but I'm going to try and follow his instructions tonight on hex editing a file and changing a plist.

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