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iDeneb 1.6 VMWare Virtual To Physical


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Hello everyone, I have used this site abit to try and get iDeneb 1.6 installed on my system, I have tryed for over 3 weeks now and cant seem to get it to install on any primary partitions on my system so i desided to try and install it on VMWare, i did this with great success and it seems to be running fine.


What i would like to know is if anyone can help me install iDeneb 1.6 on a physical partition or would i beable to convert the virtual ideneb i have on vmware to a physical bootable OS?


My System:

Manufacturer Packard Bell


North Bridge NVIDIA nForce 720a Revision A2

South Bridge NVIDIA ID075C Revision A2


CPU AMD Athlon 7450 Dual-Core Processor

Cpu Socket Socket AM2+ (940)


Model NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller


Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9200


PCI ID 0x10DE / 0x084B (nVidia Corporation / C77 [GeForce 8200])

Memory 256 MBytes


I hope someone can help me as this is really annoying me lol why it wont install as a standalone os but runs fine on vmware.

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can no one help me?


It would be great if someone could give me some info... ive searched all over google and tryed about 10 different tutorials and still nothing.






1. Set your BIOS SATA controller to AHCI mode if possible and have only one graphics card installed

2. Format your target OS X volume as a primary partition formatted as a simple NTFS or FAT32 volume so that Disk Utility can see it.......

3. Initially do not choose video, network and audio options in Installer Customise menu........get basic OS X system running in VESA mode first........

4. In Customise choose (assuming you are using USB keyboard and mouse, if not, also choose VoodooPS/2Controller also)


Main System

Chameleon v2

9.8.0 Kernel Qoopz




AppleNForceATA (if you have a SATA DVDRW choose AppleNforceATA Test if this does not work)



You can go back later to install other options/fixes etc. dpending on what is working or not........

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