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Snow Leopard 10.6 couldn't be updated


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I screwed up something with my original 10.6.4 and I had to re-installed it.


I first used a 10.6 Snow Leopard original disc to install and then apply "myHack installer" on it. The OS boots fine and everything else works great.


However, I couldn't seem to upgrade the OS to 10.6.4 any more. With the Combo Update downloaded from Apple, it says the System Volume is not supported. And then I use the "Software Update" to check, but didn't see any update available on the system.


Some people said I couldn't jump from 10.6 to 10.6.4 (which I don't believe), so I download the 10.6.1 update file, but it gave me the same problem.



Is there anything wrong with my system and if there is anything I could do to solve this problem? I have some new software required at least 10.6.3 to run. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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