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Compaq W200 Wireless Multiport (agere chipset, special chipset)

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My OSX86 10.4.6 (on Compaq Evo n800v) detects in USB the Compaq W200 Wireless Multiport (with chipset Agere) but nothing appears in Network (only onboard ethernet). No Airport and no Wireless Lan.

Any ideas?

Ioexpert would work?

Other chipset drivers work?


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Hi, I've got the Compaq evo n610c with the W200 onboard usb..

I did manage to find the linux source for it and have the xcode package loaded..

Any pointers on porting this would be great.. and we all get a driver!

Just wish I had more time..


BTW, anyone get 'true' sleep (or any sleeep) working on these?

I did get the radeon 7500 to give me agp and qe.. works a lot better.. some strange artifacts on full screen itunes visuals.. no biggie.. I don't need eye-candy..


Thanks all!

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